Post Roe Alternatives

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Post Roe Alternatives is currently Open to Submissions.
Submissions Currently Open to Submissions

Roe V. Wade has happened.  The question is what is next?  What happens in our country?  What happens TO our country? what freedoms are next? Do we resist?  How? 

There will be consequences.  What are they?  Who stands up?  Who caves? 

This is a look at the consequences of a SCOTUS who reserves rights for the Rich, the Corporation, the Badged and the Powerful.

THIS IS A SHORT OPEN CALL.  VERY SHORT.  Closes September 8. Planned Pub Date Nov 1.

We accept Poetry, Essay, and Prose.

50 words to 4000 words.  Longer submissions by advance permission.  

We pay 3 cents a word.  

A goodly portion of the proceeds to to the ACLU.

We are not accepting reprints without prior permission.

Multiple submissions OK.