The Protest Diaries

B Cubed Press is pleased to announce an open call for The Protest Diaries. 

2020 is not the first year of protests.  The American Revolution started with protests.  India used protest to free themselves from British rule. I could go on, the protestant reformation, the storming of the Bastille.  Protests seldom feel like the birth of freedom and a new era at the time.  At the time, it is anger, resentment, and a fundamental need for change. 

But the past four years have re-introduced America to the protest, whether in the name of the BLM movement, the Pussy Hats, even the Back the Blue rallies.  No political ideology has a lock on protests.

This book will explore protests with stories, essays and poems.  We want to see the people, the protest, the issues that make this something that puts people on the streets.  When we read your story, poem, or essay, we want to know what makes it necessary to take to the streets.

So be prepared to look hard at this topic, its rituals, its layers.    We don’t want just the darkness.  B Cubed publishes satire, humor and laugh out loud.  These stories define us, so don’t be afraid to bring it.  Laughter is part of our humanity. 

This book will be edited by Nathan Ockerman and Vanessa Cozza  

And don’t be afraid to reach.  Past present and future are all within the scope of what we will consider stories for. 

Story length for our books average about 2200 words but have ranged from 100 to 7500 words. However, we only use one or two stories over 5,000 words and our advice is to keep it under 5K, unless we communicate in advance.  Reprints are accepted, but we hold them to a higher standard and limit them in number.

Pays $.02 a word upon publication, plus a share of the profits. As always a share will go to charity, usually ACLU, but that can be changed to something else by agreement with all the contributors. Collaborations will earn 1 share to be split between contributors. 

Submissions should adhere to SFWA formatting guidelines It’s always good to make an editor happy.

For the first time we are using Moksha, submissions are accepted at

Should you have any questions, please contact Bob at

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A narrative that you don't classify as a story. Under 3000 words will have more chance of success.

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Up to 1000 words

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Poem. Length is left to the discretion of the poet.

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Preferably under 5,000 words. We choose few stories longer than that.

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